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Recent News:

The card search database now updates itself automatically every day at 5:00AM EST. If the card search is out of date for some reason, send an email to, so I can fix the problem.

You may now load, edit, save, and generate sample hands for YVD deck files. Thank you for your patience while I implemented this feature. I will be making some more visual improvements to the site, but no more features for a while. I made a slew of bug fixes on the card search tool. All fields now work as expected.

Site Information:

This toolkit aids players in the design and analysis of decks. After a deck is created using the edit deck page, a sample hand may be drawn using the sample hand generator. The probability calculator allows a player to calculate the exact chance of drawing certain card combinations. By maximizing the chances of drawing into these specific combinations a deck's effectiveness is increased exponentially. The card search tool helps the player find the right cards for his or her deck. It filters the massive YuGiOh card library down to the few cards a player needs to attain victory.

The tools in this kit are designed for experienced users. If it seems that a tool is not working as intended, read the directions carefully and try again. If you would like to give any feedback or suggest additional features, you can reach me at